Chapter 1 – Conscience
Chapter 2 – Detour
Chapter 3 – Seven Bullets
Chapter 4 – The Visitor
Chapter 5 – Ghosts
Chapter 6 – Whispers

Name: Eddie Vargas
Alias: El Cuervo
History: A contract killer with an impeccable track record, El Cuervo is highly sought after for his skills and his efficiency. Little is known about his personal past, but his involvement in numerous assassinations are well documented by law enforcement and organized crime syndicates. His work has taken him to a number of foreign locales for professional attention which no petty thug could imagine pulling off.

Currently under the employ of Don Giacomo Marino. El Cuervo is faced with the task of eliminating a number of members involved in a RICO trial designed to bring down the Marino family. After a botched assassination plan, he is forced to take the daughter of his last kill to a safe location in order to shelter her from the fallout of the failed mission. During the course of his work for the Marino family, a plan was devised to eliminate El Cuervo in order to sever all possible connections with the assassinations and the clan.

Name: Gerard Lerondeau
Alias: The Frenchman
History: As the aide to prominent French businessman Paul Auroux , Gerard’s life was spared from a brutal massacre of the board of directors at the hand of El Cuervo. As the only living witness, Gerard was given the choice of maintaining the business end of El Cuervo’s work, or execution. He left behind a fiancee when he was forced to live his life on the move due to El Cuervo’s activities around the globe.

Acting now as El Cuervo’s aide, Gerard fields all inquiries and negotiates all contracts and terms for each individual mission. Gerard also doubles as El Cuervo’s intelligence officer, amassing details for his planned attacks, often devising elaborate measures in order to ensure the goals of each contract are met. He is the current liason between El Cuervo and Don Giacomo Marino, meeting with the mob boss and receiving his instructions before hand delivering them to El Cuervo for review.

Name: (Don) Giacomo Marino
Alias: The Don, One Eyed Jack
History: Giacomo Marino is the head of the Marino crime family. As the son of an Italian immigrant who was a butcher by trade, Marino lived a hard life being raised by a single parent. He was quickly swallowed up in petty crime and illegal activities to help support his fragile sister who suffered from polio. Through the years he worked his way up the ranks of the local mob, before venturing out with his own crew and forming his own family.

After the violent turmoil of the 70s and its gang warfare, the Marino family emerged as the largest and most successful crime syndicate in the Metropolis. Controlling over 75% of all organized crime in the city, Marino has recently detached himself from the daily business activities. His main concern is trying to save himself from dying in prison after being charged in a massive RICO case built against his crime family. Desperate to spend the remaining years of his life making sure that his legacy lives on, Marino has contracted El Cuervo to eliminate any possible threats to his defense, and buy more time to prepare candidates for the eventual succession to his empire. In a bold move, Marino has set to bury any trace of his involvement with El Cuervo by having him disposed of. This error in judgment could prove to be costly, as El Cuervo has survived the assassination attempt and will be clearly looking for revenge.

Name: Jimmy Barbada
Alias: The Beard
History: A henchman in the Marino crime family, Jimmy the Beard toiled as a small time hood and driver for a number of Capos in the clan. He found a place in a crew run by Bert “Gigi” Gigliotti, and remained poised to make the jump from underling to a potential captain, but could not be promoted due to the sheer number of suitors ahead of him.

With the death of Gigi in an armed standoff with Federal agents, Jimmy the Beard has finally been given the green-light to become the next Capo, provided he makes his mark as a big shot in the family. His current assignment is to eliminate any evidence of work done by El Cuervo and report back to Marino. His main motive for getting the job done is to finally become a made man and achieve the respect he feels he deserves.

Name: Marco Sant’Angelo
Alias: Big M, Montana, M
History: Marco Sant’Angelo is the younger brother of Marino family Capo Joseph Sant’Angelo. Often regarded as all brawn and no brains, Marco has surprised many, being one of the few Gigliotti crew members who graduated from college with a degree. His large frame and massive strength are a great asset to the crew who require extra muscle in order to get the job done.

Although his brother was part of the family for a number of years, Marco is a relative newcomer in the family, and often finds himself second guessing his role and the actions he takes due to the fear of being caught unprepared. His current assignment is to accompany Jimmy the Beard and assist him in disposing the bodies of El Cuervo and Gerard after the RICO trial assassinations have taken place. Marco looks to Jimmy for advice and reassurance due to his lack of experience in mob related work.