Chapter 1 – Conscience
Chapter 2 – Detour
Chapter 3 – Seven Bullets
Chapter 4 – The Visitor
Chapter 5 – Ghosts
Chapter 6 – Whispers


What is El Cuervo about, anyway?

It’s a noir online graphic novel influenced by tales of modern day gangsters and silver age black and white action comics. Our main character is Eddie “El Cuervo” Vargas – a contract killer who has grown tired of the monotonous routine of being a hitman for hire. After deciding upon retiring from action, he quickly realizes that he must complete one last quest for revenge in order to find redemption – with the usual complications…

When does it update?

Every Monday-Wednesday-Friday. This isn’t a full-time gig for me, so I need a bit of time to prepare. Maybe someday when I’m famous and have a ton of fans, I’ll dedicate all my time to the comic.

Who is the artist / writer behind this?

My name is Drezz – currently I produce the comic and maintain the website. I also manage and respond to any correspondence sent.

How is El Cuervo created?

There’s a process. First I start by doing thumbnails in a sketchbook. Then I scan them into my computer. From there, I find suitable photographic reference and make composites in Photoshop. Then I’ll draw the basic forms from the thumbnails into solid pencils using a WACOM tablet and Adobe Illustrator. Once that’s done, I ink and letter the comic and get it ready for print/web. My current system is a Dell Studio XPS.

Where did you learn how to draw comics?

I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid, but formally I learned through art classes in high school, and I eventually got a degree in Visual Art and Graphic Communication. I’m a full-time Creative Director at a design firm, and do this on the side. For now.

When does the comic take place?

Well, the locale is pretty generic, but the time is basically the present. Over the course of the series though, things will change and characters will age as a fair amount of time will have passed from the first book to the last.

When did you start El Cuervo?

The basic premise started in 2004, but the original idea came in 1995. I drew a short story called The Birdman, which is integrated into the story line.

Do you make a living off of this comic. How does that work?

Not yet. Eventually I’ll work on ways to develop more marketable angles for bringing in some revenue like ads and merch and published books, but for now, I’m content to have people come and check out the comics. That’s more important right now.

I’m starting my own web comic – do you have any advice for me?

I do. Visit this site – idrawdigital.
I run this site as well, and its full of useful information showing you how to get started, and how to get better at drawing webcomics.

Can you link to my comic/blog/twitter/whatever?

Possibly. I’m not taking too many requests right now, but let’s talk about it and I judge whether its a worthwhile prospect for both of us.

Can I “friend you” on on facebook?

I’m in the process of revamping my fan page.

Where can I contact you?

Check the menu above. Or click here if you’re too lazy.

Will El Cuervo be available in a print version?

It will. Once each book is complete, I’ll be formatting it for print. I’ve decided to alter the 6 panel horizontal into a 6 panel vertical. That’s why I don’t have panel breaking artwork. It’s easier to reformat – and to be honest, it’s SO overdone.

Will (character) get their series? They seem pretty cool, and interesting enough to have their own title…

Possibly. There’s a few characters that deserve to have more history shown. And I may do a few one-shot stories to complement the main books.

How many books are in the El Cuervo story?

For the main story, there are 5. I have 2 more – one is a prologue to the story, the other is an epilogue. So technically, 7.

Do you have any other comics?

I have a bunch of others, but I’d like to get this one done first before I jump into a new comic. Since the timeline is finite, there will be new comics in another genre and another style – or more comics in the same world you find in El Cuervo. You’ll just have to wait and see.

For more specific bio info, go to the New Readers section of the site. For more info on how things get done, or what I’m up to, check out the Blog.