Chapter 1 – Conscience
Chapter 2 – Detour
Chapter 3 – Seven Bullets
Chapter 4 – The Visitor
Chapter 5 – Ghosts
Chapter 6 – Whispers

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El Cuervo is a noir-styled online graphic novel. The story is about a hitman-for-hire named Eddie Vargas who has a crisis of conscience and begins contemplating his retirement. During his final job he falls victim to a vicious double-cross, which is where his new adventure begins. Set over the course of five volumes, El Cuervo will envelop the reader in a modern noir setting, with the typical themes of violence, revenge and intrigue, as Eddie attempts to salvage what little soul he has left.


This noir OGN (Online Graphic Novel) is the work of Andrés “Drezz” Rodriguez. An avid comic book artist and concept artist, Drezz has been creating comics since an early age, and has been working on the details for El Cuervo for a number of years. Inspired by the level of commitment put forth by professional cartoonists on the web, Drezz has taken to the Internet to share his work with everyone who loves noir and action comics.

In addition to producing El Cuervo, Drezz also runs a comics and illustration tutorial guide called idrawdigital, which is full of tips and content related to the world of digital drawing and online based comics. He was a graduate of Cambrian College from the Visual Arts and Graphic Design program in 2000, and has been working for Signature Group – a corporate identity and marketing firm for the past decade. Drezz is also the recipient of two Summit Creative Awards for his creative direction.

You can contact him here – feel free to drop him a line! He’d be glad to answer any questions or talk about comics in general.